Photographer In Cornwall
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Chatterbox and Tea Addict….


Hi, I’m Suzanne!


Always the photographer, I’m forever snapping away with my camera (I collect them) or phone or whatever’s nearest because I don’t want to miss capturing a thing. I’m a photographer behind the lens so much (and not in pics) I’m afraid that when I’m gone there won’t be any record of me existing for my daughter. So, I’m constantly asking my husband to take photos (I ask so much he gets a bit annoyed to be fair).


I spent a lot of time studying how to be a photographer at University. In fact that’s how I came to live in Cornwall (so blessed). It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I really got the importance of photographs. I now spend a lot of time looking back at the photos I took that day reminiscing with a smile on my face.


I LOVE how photographs help us keep memories alive and remind us of moments that we would otherwise have forgotten (or missed altogether). Photographs allow us to document the changes in our appearances and none more important than our growing young ones (blink and a year has flown by).

Beach Bum

When I’m not a photographer (or editing at my office) you’ll find me with the wind in my hair at the beach. Flip flops (or wellies) on, spending precious time with my family. Or in my greenhouse. Or failing that I’ll be decorating our house (I LOVE painting)!!


Outdoor Obsessor

I’m crazy about BBQ’s and being out in the fresh air. At least once a year we go on a camping adventure although have to take my creature comforts (hubby would say everything but the kitchen sink!!). This year it’s Dartmoor (soooo beautiful). I LOVE travelling and want to see as much of the world as I can. One day we’ll make it to explore Austrailia and New Zealand!


Red Wine Drinker

You’ll seldom find me drinking anything but tea, water or red wine (except cold beer or Prosecco on a hot day). I have a thing for shoes, especially Birkenstock’s (just ask my husband). I am a cheese junkie, ANY variety (the smellier the better) and I will eat it until I feel sick.


Family Fanatic

You’ll find me in Penryn, Falmouth or surrounding areas. I am one fifth of my family. The rest are my hubby, mini me (Flo), Molly the crazy Collie and Pudding the lazy cat. Spending time with them all is the most important thing to me in the world.


Now enough about me, let’s talk about you….