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Family Photography

Family adventures – they’re my jam!! Splashing in the sea, building sandcastles, climbing cliffs, walking coastal paths, rambling through the woods – there’s nothing I enjoy more than going on an adventure with families and documenting their love through my lens. It’s when people start to relax with me and start chatting to me like I’m one of them that the real beauty starts to show, natural authentic smiles, warmth and love all whiz through the air and I adore capturing those little moments of bliss for you to treasure forever.

Babies just don’t stay babies for long enough that’s why capturing precious moments like these is such an honour for me. There’s nothing like holding your little one close to you and feeling the warmth of their skin, feeling their breaths as their little chests rise and fall, that wonderful smell of newness that you could just munch. Documenting these little snippets in time and creating a visual legacy for Mummies and Daddies makes my heart sing.

When people ask me what sort of photography I do I always struggle to put it into words. I say I’m a fly on the wall type documentary photographer who loves to make beautiful tear jerking images with as little intervention as possible!

Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions

A chance for you to let your hair down and make some amazing family memories on camera. They are held periodically at special locations like Gylly Beach and Kennal Vale.
Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle Sessions

Tailored to each family, let me get to know you for an hour at your home or favourite local spot and photograph you naturally interacting with each other.
Toddler in woods holding daddys hand cornwall

Why Choose Me?

As a mummy I’ve come to understand how precious our time on this planet is and how before we know it years have flown in the blink of an eye. I understand how important it is to leave a legacy of our time spent together and the adventures we embark upon whether it be a trip to the beach, family adventure or our own wedding.


``It was so refreshing not to have to pose, but just be together as a family.``

Esther Sandercock

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