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Family Photoshoot Perranporth Cornwall Winter

photographer in Cornwall

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the World Wide Web! I’m Suzanne, Mummy to Florence, Wife to Dave and pet Mummy to Molly the crazy Collie and Pudding the sleepy Cat 🙂 You will often find me outdoors either photographing families or spending time with my family –  wind in my hair, wellies on and a smile on my face.


As a mummy I’ve come to understand how precious our time on this planet is and how before we know it years have flown in the blink of an eye. I understand how important it is to leave a legacy of our time spent together and the adventures we embark upon whether it be a trip to the beach, family adventure or our own wedding.

I understand how important it is to create family heirlooms for our little ones to look back on when they are old enough to have a family of their own. I understand how the images we fall in love with are those which are authentic stories which capture the relationships between a family or couple – between a mother and child – moments that, as a mother you seldom have captured on camera because you’re always the one holding your camera phone.

That is why I adore to photograph families and couples in love. That is why I make it my mission to capture the love, the bond and the true essence of a family or couple’s relationship and their unique personalities. Everyone is different. Everyone is special and everyone deserves to have photographs of themselves with their family that are worthy of mounting on their wall.

Sand Angels On Gylly Beach Suzanne Johnson Photography

Since 2014 to Florence <3

Since 2008 to Molly the Collie and Pudding the Cat!

Suzanne Johsons Photography With Husband Dave On Gylly Beach

With Dave since 2000 and married since 2010!

Dog On Maenporth Beach Falmouth Cornwall Suzanne Johnson Photography
love being outdoors

Since forever! Always outside at the beach, in the woods or planting vegetables in my greenhouse and veggie patches.

Suzanne Johnson Photographer Cornwall

Exploring new places, walking, driving, flying – I love it all.