5 Reasons To Have A Family Shoot Outdoors Instead Of A Studio
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Newborn & Family Photographer In Cornwall

5 Reasons To Have A Family Shoot Outdoors Instead Of A Studio

“I’d love to book a family shoot in Cornwall but hate having my photo taken” ….. something I hear so often. Over the years I’ve discovered clients assume they’ll be standing still and posing uncomfortably with fake smiles (camera face) for the entire duration of their family session.

That couldn’t be further from the truth and here’s why I shoot families outdoors at their favourite locations….

Newborn & Family Photographer In Cornwall
1) Photography studios can feel imposing

Photography studios are a un-natural environments and feel clinical. It’s hard for most people to be able to relax, especially children. Big softboxes, white backgrounds feel imposing and make you feel a bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights!

2) Familiar surroundings help you relax

Choosing a location which means something to you for your shoot is grounding. It’s familiar, you feel comfortable there and you have a connection with it.

3) You can be free to move around

Being outdoors allows for movement, for our senses to come alive and to feel free. Once this happens I’m able to capture that connection in photographs for you to treasure forever.

4) Have fun in nature’s playground

Kids can run, play and have an adventure (grown-ups can join in too!). Once you’re outside interacting with each other and having fun, you’ll totally forget you’re even on a photo shoot.

5) A chance to connect with nature and each other

Being outdoors allows you to connect with nature and each other. This helps you relax and have fun together, the real authentic smiles are the ones you look beautiful in. Not the forced “say cheese” kind.

Outdoor family shoots help you relax, be yourself and allow you to connect with each other naturally. Let’s go on an adventure together.  Tell me, where will yours begin?

Newborn & Family Photographer In Cornwall


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