Capturing Real Smiles & Love During Family Photo Shoots – My Approach Uncovered!
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Newborn & Family Photography In Cornwall

Capturing Real Smiles & Love During Family Photo Shoots – My Approach Uncovered!

Lots of my clients say how much they love the way I capture such raw emotion and genuine connections between people . The very next thing they ask is how I’m able to do it. So I thought I’d write a little blog explaining 5 things I do during family shoots which allow me to capture raw emotion and connections.

Newborn & Family Photography In Cornwall
1) Get To Know You

From the moment my family photo shoots begin, my focus is on getting to know you all, learning what makes you tick and common ground between us. We have a natter and play fun games based on your family’s interests.

2) Become Part Of The Family

Once we’ve broken the ice and the conversation is flowing, you relax and feel less self-conscious about being photographed and I become” a fly on the wall”.

3) Keep The Kids Happy

I keep family photo sessions moving so children don’t get bored. At no time do I make children do anything they don’t want to, instead we work out what to do next together. This means you’re able to interact with each other, have fun rather than staring at the camera in an awkward pose.

4) No Awkward Posing

I will never ever ask you to say cheese. In fact I strongly discourage it. I’m interested in capturing you as a family, naturally interacting with each other and the world around you. I’m there to document the time you spend together as “a fly on the wall” in as unobtrusive way as possible.

5) Wait For The Right Moment

Lastly, I wait for the right moment. I’ve photographed A LOT of families in Cornwall and have learnt how to pre-empt “the moment” happening. This involves playing games with your children from behind the camera, setting challenges and generally having a great time.

So there you have it! 5 things I do during my family photo shoots in Cornwall which enable me to capture your raw emotion and connections – real smiles and laughter every time.

Let’s go on an adventure together.  Tell me, where will yours begin?

Newborn & Family Photographer In Cornwall


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